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Bad Customer service. I had baggage lost and damaged.

After one month I have not solution for it. I don't recommend this company to anybody !!! Airberlin never more. If they don't care about the customers what I will think about the security and maintenance of the airplanes?

Look my contact with customer service by email: Hi Ms Olga. Thanks for your replay. I will explain the facts: I got travel from Bologna, Italy to Miami, USA with stop at Duesseldorf, Germany. When I arrived at Duesseldorf, right in the floor of the airport, I saw my baggage damaged.

The horrible service from your company, they delivered our baggage in the floor at side of the airplane !!! In that moment I complain about the baggage damaged. Some Airberlin employee said that I have to complain inside the airport in Duesseldorf. I find the attendant from Airberlin inside the airport and he said that I have to complain in the end of my travel, in Miami.

When I arrived in Miami, another problem: The baggage of my daughter was lost. I find the attendant in the baggage area and a lot of passengers from the same fly had there baggage lost too. I wait for more than 1 hour to had my complain filled by the attendant from Airberlin. In that moment the attendant took photos from my baggage and said that I don't need to be afraid because they will solve my problem shortly.

The baggage of my daughter was delivered in my home 2 days after my fly. Some very impolite and irresponsible deliver girl left the baggage at 12:00am at the front door of my house. Yes!!! at mid-night.

I try to call several times for your "Customer service" but nobody answer. After 2 weeks, using you page in Facebook somebody answer my complain and said that I will have my solution shortly. I never received any contact from your company. Yesterday, I try to make contact again by Facebook and Ms "ELA" make me waist more than 1 hour and have no solution.

Resume: " I DID MY COMPLAIN RIGHT AFTER THE FLY IN MIAMI AIRPORT!!!" Now I have some questions: 1) The Property Irregularity Report (PIR) that was filled in the Miami airport was not delivered from your employee to the right department? 2) The employee took photos to proof the damage but you don't have it? 3) Have I to complain several times to get a solution? 4) How long I have to wait to get another new baggage or the equivalent value from it?

5) If the PIR was badly filled it is my fall? 6) I already sent the copies to you and to Ms "ELA" but you can't recognize it? This complain is not a big amount of money than it make me afraid to fly again in your company because if I have a biggest problem I think I never will get the solution. I hope you can solve it.

Thanks. Toni Barros. De: Enviado: quarta-feira, 26 de abril de 2017 12:12 Para: Toni Barros Assunto: RE: Baggage damaged ID 955665 Dear Mr. Barros, thank you very much for contacting Dolfi1920 GmbH.

I have just revised your documentation and unfortunately I had to state that you have landed on 27.03.2017, while your first report to our company has been done yesterday. According to the airline's guidelines we are only allowed to process the case if one of the following requirements has been met: - The damage was reported at the airport and a Damage Report was issued there - The damage was reported in writing to airberlin within 7 days of delivery of the delayed luggage. Since you have not reported the damage to our company within 7 days after delivery, could you please inform us if you have the damage report from the airline? The provided document is unfortunately barely legible.

When did you receive your bag damaged? We may also accept any valid written proof that you have reported to us or Airberlin in 7 days after delivery. If you did report the damaged luggage to Airberlin on facebook, please provide us with a print screen, where the contact date would be provided. We remain at your disposal for any further queries, Yours sincerely, Olga Szumiec Dolfi1920 Baggage Services E-Mail: -----Original Message----- From: Toni Barros [mailto:] Sent: 25 kwietnia 2017 22:33:57 To:,Toni Barros Subject: Baggage damaged Hi.

I had my baggage damaged at March 27, 2017. I did the RIP right at the Miami airport after fly. Attached my boarding pass and the PIR. By Facebook I had attention from "ELA" very an-polite attendant.

I already wrote some reviews in sites for the people know about Airberlin. Could somebody solve my complain?

Thanks. Toni.

Review about: Air Berlin Baggage Policy.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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